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Foreign Language Enrichment Frequently Asked Questions


What languages are offered at the Middle School in the regular curriculum?
First year high school Spanish and Portuguese are offered by Portsmouth Middle School (“PMS”) in the eighth grade.  All students will receive foreign language instruction provided by the district five times a week.

What is Foreign Language Enrichment?
Foreign Language Enrichment is a before and after school program offering foreign language instruction to Melville and Hathaway Elementary students in grades 1 -4.  It is organized and administrated entirely by parent volunteers. The program is cumulative - each level builds upon the last - and is designed for elementary and middle school aged children.  Classes are academic in nature, employing creative ways to engage children and make learning fun.  The enrichment program is an independent and not-for-profit 501c3 corporation, and is not part of public education.
When did it begin?
The first foreign language enrichment class was held in 2005-2006, at Elmhurst Elementary School.

Language skills are most easily assimilated during the formative years. The neurological development that occurs while learning a new language offers expanded capacity for other subjects in addition to language, with positive lifetime learning consequences.  Foreign Language Enrichment is offered as a direct result of parent and student demand.

What languages are offered by Portsmouth Enrichment Incorporated?
Currently Spanish is offered as Foreign Language Enrichment at Hathaway and Melville before and/or after school.

Why did you pick that language? 
In addition to English, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide.

How much does it cost?
Tuition is estimated to be $175 for 22 classes at Melville and Hathaway Elementary Schools. A text book or printed material is included. We may assess a materials charge if a new book is necessary.

When are classes held?
Melville and Hathaway Elementary Schools: Before school at 8:00 AM. Students are dismissed from their class to their homerooms.

Melville and Hathaway Elementary Schools: After school from dismissal to 4:05* PM. (*Note: If children are not picked up on time, a $10 late fee will be charged beginning at 4:15 PM).

Who teaches the classes?
Señora Leonard is Spanish Education grades K-12 certified and holds a M.A. in Communications.

What is expected from my child if he/she attends classes?
Students are expected to be respectful to the instructor, fellow students, and classroom materials.  Behavioral problems may result in dismissal from the program.  Homework is assigned at all levels. Students’ skills may be assessed close to year-end.  This assessment is a valuable aid to the teacher, so she/he may confidently continue teaching material that is cumulative in nature, insuring the success of every student.  Parents of students demonstrating a need for strengthening in the basic skill set will be informed, and students supported, with an opportunity for reassessment. Spanish levels 3 and higher have required homework which must be completed in order to keep up with in class instruction.

How do I know how my child is doing?
If you are wondering about your child’s performance, please ask; send a note, e-mail, to one of the coordinators.  All teachers welcome your inquiry.  Additionally, the foreign language enrichment coordinators will supply contact information to you.  We are friendly and approachable. Remember: there are no grades given!

Will PMS make a special section for advanced Spanish students when they reach the eighth grade?
Although the foreign language chair at PMS supports our enrichment program, the decision to hold a separate section of Spanish for high performing students when they reach eighth grade will need the support of upper administration.  Although we are hopeful, there is no guarantee. However, we have had a few students test out of Spanish 1 at the end of seventh grade. They were able to take Spanish 2 via the "virtual high school" program as eighth graders and entered PHS taking Spanish 3.
What foreign languages are offered at PHS (Portsmouth High School)?
Spanish, Portuguese, French and Latin are currently offered. 

How can I help?
Portsmouth Enrichment is organized and run entirely by parent volunteers.  If you would like to help, contact one of the coordinators for more information.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?
Please feel free to contact or   Please type “Foreign Language Enrichment” in the subject heading when emailing.

Revised May 1, 2019